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The Pitfalls Of Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Update: I replaced Kel's excellent artists conception of my x-ray background with the ACTUAL x-ray of my dislocated elbow.

On Oct. 24th, 1996, on or about 9:30 AM PDT, Len Vinci took a shortcut stepping down off a step ladder. Why was he on a ladder?, you may ask. It appears he was trying (though not as trying as he's been since) to pull some network cable through the office ceiling. He couldn't quite reach and had decided to get down and find a better method of doing this when he over balanced and down he came.
(Reminds ya of Humpty Dumpty, don't it?)
The aftermath of all of this was a dislocated elbow (see background pics), and a wrist smashed into waaaaay too many pieces. And while all the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn't do much, the Drs. at Kaiser-Martinez could. A POP! to the elbow and 2 hours of surgery later, Len is now sporting the latest in Fall fashion. Four large metal rods at varying angles sticking out of his right arm, all held together with 2 long metal bars, and lots of gauze. Add a little plaster and an ace bandage to hold the elbow in place and you have this seasons hot new look. And as it's about all he can wear right now, it had better become popular real soon!




Look really pained now.




Kitty is helping!


Heres something close to a "Lens-Eye" view.


And the whole smiling mess.
He's just too cute!


From side one
Nifty Ain't it?


and from side two
(Complete with editorial comment!)

Elbow X-Ray

Ooooo That's Gotta Hurt!

Pins X-Ray

The only thing holding the hand on.

Pins X-Ray II

That's a lot of hardware!

Photos courtesy of Tweekco Digital Imaging.

Metalwork courtesy of Dr. D. Chin - Kaiser Mtz.

Original "Disarmed & Dangerous" Page created by Kelleye the day after it all happened (before I had any idea how to put together a web page). Check out her page (see link below).

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