This section is where I put all my non-Disneyland related pictures taken while travelling.
Camping Trips

Not too many pictures here. Basically a few miscellaneous shots taken over the years on some camping trips.
Europe 1998

In Oct/Nov 1998 Kel and I went to Europe for the first time. A trip including London, Dublin, Disneyland Paris (of course) and a crossing of the Atlantic on the QE2.
UK 2000

In March/April 2000 Kel and I returned to the UK to try and see all the stuff we missed 2 years before. This trip includes more London, a weeklong visit to our friend Matt in Shotley Gate, York and Edinburgh.
Alaska PerlWhirl 2000

In May of 2000 I attended a Perl conference on board the Holland America Line Cruise Ship Volendam, touring Alaska. Kel didn't make it on this one as my company at that time paid for it and it would have been a bit pricey for us right after our 3 weeks in the UK.
A Weekend In Ramona

In December of 2000 Kel and I went down to the San Diego area to see her fathers brand new house.
Walt Disney World May 2001

In May of 2001 A group of 7 of us descended upon Florida for a week in the sun. We never left the property.
Mini-Vacation to Catalina 2002

In June of 2002 Kel and I spent a few days relaxing in Catalina before she started her new job.
Hometown Travel Hosts 2003

In April/May of 2003 a friend of ours from England paid
the Bay Area a visit, and stayed at the lush Vinci Resort and Spa
There was a side-trip to Yosemite thrown in for extra credit.
Tokyo May 2003

In May of 2003 A group of 4 of us descended upon Tokyo for a week.
Half of which at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Seas!.
England 2004

In August of 2004 our family invaded England for 2 weeks. Mmmm pubs and fruit machines....
British Virgin Islands 2005

In July of 2005 Kel and I got ASA certified for bareboat chartering.
We did some snorkling too!
United Kingdom 2006

In July/August 2006 Kel, Adri, Matt, Carissa and I go to England (yet) again!
Walt Disney World 2007

In June of 2007 Kel and I made a return visit to WDW. This time just the 2 of us. An eating/drinking holiday as it were.
New Orleans 2007

For Thanksgiving 2007 Kel and I decided we were sick of turkey and wanted BBQ Oysters instead. (We're going to Turkey in Fall 2008.. stay tuned)
Middle East 2008

In October of 2008 Kel and I had an adventure in the Middle East.
London 2009

In May 2009 Kel and I jetted off to London for a week.

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