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Welcome! This site is not really geared toward the public at large, unless you enjoy browsing through a complete stranger's photo albums. It mainly came about as a way to teach myself HTML, and gave me a place to put my ever expanding collection of photos.
As of Oct 2003 the site is living on yet another whole new server with a BIG pipe!! Yay!
There are 5 main sections
My Disneyland Pics

A vast set of shots I've taken at the park over the last 35 years (and probably the most interesting for people who don't know me personally)
The House

A collection of remodeling pictures Kel and I have taken since moving into our fixer-upper in 1993.
Family Photos

The dreaded wedding pictures, too many pictures of our cats, plus the Parties Page!.
Travel Adventure

As we get older (and can afford it) Kel and I are trying to do some travelling. Here's what we got so far! (Many of these used to be in the Family Photos directory).
Dis-Armed and Dangerous

A rather painful chronicle of my ladder accident in 1996 (I'm all better now).

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