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Between 1968 and December of 2001 I made a couple dozen pilgrimages 400 miles south to Disneyland in Anaheim. (As noted elsewhere on this site, I've lived my entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area). My parents are Disneyland nuts, just not to the degree I am. While still a non-driving minor, I got down to the park once every 4 or 5 years. Once I was out on my own I went down as often as I could afford, beginning in about 1985. This works out to be about once a year with a couple of gaps when I just couldn't scrape together the money or time. Back then I didn't need much money to go. We would pile into a car at midnight, drive all night, get breakfast at Denny's, then enter the park the second they opened the gates. We would stay till closing.. midnight on couple of trips, then drive home, thereby saving on motel costs. Can you say loopy? By 1997 however Kel and I were financially able to get down to the park a record 4 times in one year (we bought APs), flying round-trip and staying for multiple nights. We even treated our group of 8 to a meal at the Bayou.

As of this writing (Nov 2000), October 1997 was the last time I've been to the park. It's been over 3 years! Why you ask? Well partly it's the money. Not that we can't afford it, but we make enough between us now that we've been able to go to more exotic locales... like Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World, oh yeah and the UK a couple of times and a cruise or two (Check out my Travel Adventures Index to see those. Disneyland and camping were all we could afford for a long time. I also was doing quite a bit of traveling when I worked for Walnut Creek CDROM. Hence it's been more of a time thing than a cost thing. The other reason we've not been in awhile is, quite frankly the place has gone way downhill in the last few years, mostly thanks to Paul Pressler. Many of my fave attractions have been removed and not replaced with anything worthwhile, the Submarines, the Death Buck..er Skyway, Mission To Mars, Circle-Vision etc. The last great new addition was Indy back in '95. The crowds have become increasingly obnoxious and rude, even during the off-season. The last time we went, the place was filthy, light bulbs were burnt out all over the place and many of the building sported peeling paint. Nothing I've read on the net has convinced me that things have improved...

Update Dec 2001: We made a trip down early this month and I took a boat-load of pics (digital cameras are evil). Check out the new Dec 2001 Slideshow. Added 3 new sections: DCA, and in Miscellaneousland, Downtown Disney and Smokin' Place (a mini-guide to where to smoke in the parks).

Update Dec 2005: We made a trip down early this month and I took a small boat-load of pics (digital cameras are evil). Check out the new Dec 2005 Slideshow. It was very crowded but at least I got down for the 50th Anniversary.

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