This is a collection of Family Photos that I was unable to fit into any of the other sections. At this time there are only 5 subsections:
General Miscellaneous Pics

Basically a few miscellaneous shots taken over the years on some special and not so special occassions.

Yup we're cat people. We've had, over the last decade, about 10 cats in and out of our family. Some only until they were old enough to be adopted out, some into their teens.
Our Wedding

Maybe it wasn't the most traditional of weddings, but there was very little bloodshed and we're still together so it must have worked. Don't worry there's only 14 pics to wade through.
2002 PT Cruiser

New Car!

Both Hosted and Attended!

If you are a regular visitor you might notice that several sections that used to live here have gone awol. They now live in my brand new Travel Adventures section.

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