Our House
Click on what you wanna see on the Blueprint below, (Don't even think about using the blue print to burgle us.. I didn't draw in the trip-wires, motion-sensitive-guard-cats, or the scud missile launchers):
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Construction Projects

The Bathroom

Winter 1993 found us in our 1rst real project: The Bathroom.
The Roof Adventure

September -> October 1994 we tore off our roof and put on a new one.
The Kitchen I

Summer 1996 we remodeled the first half of the kitchen.
The Kitchen II

Summer 1997 we remodeled the second half of the kitchen.
The Deck

Spring 1998 we built a deck in the backyard.
The Hot Tub Deck

Summer 2001 saw construction of the deck around the hot tub we purchased in 2000.
The Pond

Spring 2003's Project: A backyard pond.
New Fence

Spring 2004 we bought a new fence.
House Re-Paint

Spring 2006 brought us a new paint job and gutters... And we didn't do it ourselves..

Other Photos Of The House Over The Years

The Outside

Varoius pics of the outside of our house.
The Living Room

We've changed this room many times.
Room 1

Currently our 'media' room.
Room 2

Was our office, now our master bedroom.
Room 3

The Adventureland Room

So far just pics of our laundry room.. Ooooooo.

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