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The John-Cat relaxin as well as he can with a camera shoved in his face... hey! he's in the old backyard! He's the second most expensive cat we own.

In the spring of 97 we noticed Johnny losing weight. It was really gradual and at first we just chalked it up to shedding for the summer. Then we noticed that he was having some trouble breathing, and that he had become a voracious pig, demanding to be fed 4 or 5 times a day. Because he was acting normal in every other way and we were right in the middle of rebuilding our kitchen we kinda put off taking him to the vet. When we did, they were stumped at first. After an ultra-sound and some other expensive tests, it was determined that he had congestive heart failure brought on by an overactive thyroid. They gave us some medication... we had to pill him twice a day.. what a pain. He put a lot of the weight back on and his breathing slowed down so we thought he was all better. Then ,2 months later and in the space of 2 days he lost all the weight again and even stopped eating. We brought him in to the vet but his heart gave out before they could even open his carrier.
He had the most personality of all our cats and we'll miss him very much. I still sometimes hear him doing his Siamese yowl in the backyard, and still expect to see him sitting in the garage when I get home, hoping I'll feed him. We buried him in the front yard near the oak tree, wrapped in a blue cloth which matches his eyes. We planted a crepe myrtle on top of him... Oh yeah, Sid seems to miss him too, and oddly enough, attended our burial of him... He doesn't often trek out to the front yard.

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Cats & Stuff : Slide 3 of 26
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