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Yep you guessed it, we're cat people. Since Kel and I have been together we've shared our domicile with about 10 cats and or kittens. As of this writing there are 4 living with us and eating our food and whining and drooling and worrying us at night...

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9kitjohn.jpg 7.64k
He's So Small!
9john.jpg 3.63k
1987 - Oct 1997
9snotjohn.jpg 4.54k
Don't Mess With This One

9kitsid.jpg 7.96k
A pose he would soon perfect.
9sid_yin.jpg 8.68k
Then Suddenly The Lights Came On...
9sid_2000.jpg 10.89k
Sid in 2000

9alytabl.jpg 10.76k
May 1994 - June 1998
93cats.jpg 3.47k
Wow all 3 cats in one shot!
9fog_fish_2000.jpg 10.62k
Get Off the Fishtank!!!

9fog_snake_2000.jpg 9.42k
Get the snake!
9evil_fog.jpg 10.73k
First Cat pic from new camera!
9fog_chair.jpg 8.70k
Get outta my seat!

9fog_the_biter.jpg 10.86k
Ooooo scary
9night_fog_fish_2000.jpg 9.74k
I didn't say YOU could join her!
9night_fog_kitch_2000.jpg 10.28k
Both Bookends In The Kitchen

9evil_night.jpg 9.88k
Night's turn to look spooky
9night_and_plants.jpg 10.18k
In the Jungle
9sharing.jpg 11.57k
An uneasy peace.

9broken_fog1.jpg 8.73k
Got her in stitches!
9broken_fog2.jpg 11.69k
Conehead Kitty
9night_may2002.jpg 31.52k
Lazy Night

9fog_may2002.jpg 28.64k
Lazy Fog
9IMG_1994.jpg 5.37k
Our Little Princess Night
9IMG_1995.jpg 4.78k
Fog in chair mode

9IMG_1996.jpg 4.53k
Ooooo Scary Princess Night
9NoTeleCommute.jpg 3.80k
Get offa My Desk!

Begin Slideshow
Oooooo there's a 26 Photo Slideshow!

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