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Critter Country
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Sure bears are critters...

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9onlog.jpg 3.62k
Was Adri the only one who noticed the flash?
9onlog2.jpg 4.50k
Can I get yer camcorder wet?
9aranrr.jpg 5.04k
It COULD be in Critter Country...

9pan_cc.jpg 4.60k
Hard to tell we're in Anaheim.
9onlog97.jpg 3.62k
Oooo Action Shot...
9donsplash.jpg 4.81k
Uh, not exactly what I had in mind Don...

9pftwild.jpg 5.41k
Fort Wilderness and Mountain Men.. cough cough..
9116-1616_IMG.jpg 5.63k
Critter Country Sign
9116-1617_IMG.jpg 4.26k

9116-1618_IMG.jpg 4.76k
North Side of Splash
9116-1619_IMG.jpg 6.02k
Hungry Bear
9116-1620_IMG.jpg 5.66k
Critter Country

9116-1621_IMG.jpg 4.22k
Splash Mountian Entrance
9116-1622_IMG.jpg 5.93k
Brer Bar
9116-1623_IMG.jpg 5.97k
In The Back Woods

9116-1637_IMG.jpg 5.95k
9116-1638_IMG.jpg 4.85k
Davy Crockett Canoes
9IMG_4068.jpg 15.91k

9IMG_4073.jpg 15.41k
Critter Country During X-Mas
9IMG_4075.jpg 15.34k
Pooh Collage
9IMG_4076.jpg 14.23k
Critter Country Decor

9IMG_4077.jpg 17.38k
Kel & Pat in Critter Country
9IMG_8737.jpg 21.72k
Aran And Kel On Splash Mountain
9IMG_8739.jpg 22.02k
Me On Splash Mountain

9IMG_8741.jpg 16.99k
Heading Up Splash Mountain
9IMG_8744.jpg 20.78k
Preview Of The First Drop
9IMG_8745.jpg 21.71k
We're Not Too Wet Yet

9IMG_9146.jpg 24.00k
Splash Mountain Queue
9IMG_9147.jpg 21.45k
Splash Mountain
9IMG_9150.jpg 27.04k
The Lilly Belle Passes Through Critter Country

9IMG_9151.jpg 24.08k
Kel and I on Winnie The Pooh

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