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WHEN: December 31st 1987 - January 2nd 1988

I had a great idea sometime in November of 1987. I really wanted to go down to Disneyland for New Year's Eve, but unfortunately all my friends had blown all their cash going down with me in October. Well I hadn't been down with my Mom in 10 years and she'd been kind of hinting that she would like to, so I gave her the trip for Christmas.

We drove down early on New Year's Eve and she made me go to Mass (!) then we hit the park fro the big New Year's Eve Bash. What a zoo! The place was all decked out and they passed out geeky hats and noise-makers. We had a great time with really only one exception. The music sucked! We wanted to watch the fireworks from in front of the castle at midnight so we stacked out a good place about 11:15. Unfortunately Richard Marx was "performing" on a stage there and we got to here his hit 3 times before midnight! I still get shivers. The New Years Eve Party is something everyone should do at least once... more is not needed.

We stayed 2 more days and I narrowly missed being dragged to the Rose Bowl Parade. Back then I wasn't too good at predicting crowds, and we had to deal with record numbers, which was kind of a bummer. The weather was incredible and it made for great photography. Didn't realize it till I got home and saw the pictures though. These 4 are some of my best.

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9miklot.jpg 3.52k
On top of the Canvas.
9hub88.jpg 4.91k
We've reached a crossroads...
9riv88.jpg 3.75k
1988 River

9rvreat.jpg 5.15k
Mmmmmm breakfast.
9twain1.jpg 4.77k
Comin' 'round the bend.
9lenduck.jpg 11.41k

9mat88.jpg 4.34k
This one's worthy of postcard status!
9tland88.jpg 4.03k
Wow that's an old Monorail.

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Oooooo there's an 8 Photo Slideshow!

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