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On October 23rd 1998 Kel & I departed SFO on our very first trip to Europe! We took with us 4 disposable cameras; 2 flash, 1 non-flash, and 1 panoramic. These pages are the result. Kel is currently transcribing our trip journal, and I will put those up as well, with links to the various pics.

This section is split up into 4 sections based on destination. You can browse by destination or chronologically by using the slideshow.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris
QE2 Crossing

[On this page are some miscellaneous shots that didn't quite fit on any of the other pages]

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9pad1.jpg 9.69k
Looking fresh right off the Plane
9pad2.jpg 10.00k
Paddington Station
9holyh1.jpg 11.49k
Oooooo Spooky!

9holyh3.jpg 10.55k
Speak Welsh?
9holyh2.jpg 11.87k
Holyhead Digs
9granby.jpg 8.92k
Night before the QE2

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Oooooo there's a 73 Photo Slideshow!

Check out our Trip Diary for this day on Kel's pages.
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