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This is a slideshow of our jaunt to the San Diego area for a weekend in December 2000. Kel and I met at the Oakland airport after work on Friday, (I work 5 minutes away). Our American flight was delayed by a half-hour but we got to LAX in time for our American Eagle connection to San Diego. Despite the delays we got to the terminal only 10 minutes late and there we were met by Kel's Dad Lynn and his wife Jan, who were our hosts for the weekend. They recently moved to Ramona CA from the Bay Area and we were coming down to see their new house.

The first 2 pictures were taken at dinner that first night. The next day we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park which was really cool, then we had dinner in Julian, a little gold rush town nearby. Sunday morning we had a big breakfast with Jan's sister Suzanne and her husband Ernie who live about a block away. We took a tour of their house which is a slightly different configuration. They are also having a pool put in which was kinda fun to see. Around 2:00 they got us to the airport with plenty of time before our flight out, which ended up leaving early!

Once at LAX however things did not go as smoothly. We boarded our plane to Oakland only to be told to get back off the plane 10 minutes later due to a mechanical difficulty. At first the gate agents were not very informative. It didn't help that we had some very vocal assholes threatening to sue etc. They told us they were trying to get another plane but would not know for sure until 20 minutes later, and even then the flight would probably not leave for another 3 hours. They offered to swap tickets for people who wouldn't mind going to SFO in 2 hours, which just about every asshole in line opted to do. It was good riddance as far as I was concerned, and absolutely hysterical when 15 minutes later they announced that a new plane would be leaving for Oakland in 15 minutes! The plane was much quieter with all the whiners shipped off to SFO (and still waiting to board after we landed in Oakland!:) I love it when stuff like that happens :).

All in all a fun trip.

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9dinner1.jpg 11.57k
Big Meat
9dinner2.jpg 11.98k
Mid chew
9bennett_house_front.jpg 9.20k
Front of the new house.

9bennett_house_rear.jpg 9.44k
Rear View
9bennett_house_liv_rm.jpg 9.59k
Their living room.
9bennett_kitchen.jpg 11.79k
Their Kitchen

9piano.jpg 11.15k
Piano Room
9asian_elephant.jpg 11.58k
Elephant at the Wild Animal Park
9rhino_baby.jpg 10.11k

9sleepy_rhino.jpg 8.56k
More Rhinos
9white_rhino.jpg 9.52k
9african_plain1.jpg 9.87k
The African Plain

9water_buffalo1.jpg 9.99k
Water Buffalo
9african_plain2.jpg 9.79k
African Plain II
9deer1.jpg 9.80k

9zebra.jpg 10.33k
9african_plain3.jpg 9.58k
African Plain III
9gazelle.jpg 9.13k

9gorilla_baby_fight.jpg 10.73k
9gorilla_family.jpg 9.27k
The whole family
9head_gorilla.jpg 9.67k
The Godfather

9birds.jpg 11.50k
Exotic Birds
9okapi.jpg 11.86k
9vulture1.jpg 11.68k

9vulture2.jpg 13.22k
More Vultures
9vulture_in_tree.jpg 10.46k
Vulture in a tree
9monkeys.jpg 12.42k

9pumba.jpg 15.39k
9deer_capture.jpg 11.43k
Deer Hunting
9molesting_bambi.jpg 12.15k

9giraffe_family.jpg 9.83k
9feeding_giraffe.jpg 11.58k
Feeding the giraffe
9timon.jpg 9.84k

9riding_rhino.jpg 12.42k
Rhino Ride
9bennett_backyard_vr.jpg 9.12k
Backyard View
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Oooooo there's a 35 Photo Slideshow!

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