Europe Trip 1998:
QE2 Crossing
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This is the whole reason we ended up going to Europe. A fabulous Trans-Atlantic Crossing aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2 from now on). Thanks to the wonder world wide web (wwww) :) we (by we I mean Kel) procured 2 for 1 tickets! The minimum it should have cost us would be about $6500, but we only paid about $3k (+ drinks which brought it back up to 6). We sailed "steerage", which means we ate at the least elegant restaurant and our closet sized cabin was fitted with bunk beds. We didn't care though. The cabin was big enough, and thru the magic of video we had a virtual-porthole overlooking the bow (channel 9). For 6 days we relaxed aboard one of the most luxurious and famous ships in the world. Food was magnificent. Our only real complaint was the lack of stuff to do for people our age (under 70). More details of the trip are included with the following shots.

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9qboard.jpg 11.87k
All Aboard!
9muster.jpg 9.20k
Muster Drill
9qkelcpt.jpg 10.04k
Kel Meetin' The Cap'n

9qlencpt.jpg 9.40k
sed 's/Kel/Len/' :)
9qcpart.jpg 9.90k
Can ya tell I'm about to puke?
9qrough.jpg 9.36k
Finally calming down.

9qnight.jpg 8.33k
Taken after I fell overboard.
9harold_deck.jpg 10.04k
Out on Deck
9harold_sportsdeck.jpg 9.59k
Up on the Sports Deck

9harold_saver.jpg 10.94k
Muster Drill 2
9harold_yclub.jpg 9.47k
In the Yacht Club
9qkdin.jpg 9.04k
The last Formal-Night

9qldin.jpg 9.36k
Right before Beef Wellington #1
9qkldin.jpg 9.54k
Yay another $10 picture to buy!
9calm_seas.jpg 9.15k
Calm Seas

9qnyc1.jpg 8.26k
Back to the USA
9qnyc2.jpg 8.56k
Sunrise in New York City
9qe2_in_nyc.jpg 8.53k
Docked in New York

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