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Disneyland Paris
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OK just to set the record straight. We did NOT go all the way to France just to see Disneyland Paris. We went all the way to Europe to get on the QE2 and because we had some extra time, we went to Ireland and London as well. We decided that it would be a real waste to go 4 or 5000 miles, all the way to Europe, and NOT spend a couple of days checking out Disneyland Paris (DP from now on). It's kinda hard to hide the fact that I'm a nut for Disney Parks... I've got no excuse. Our next trip will likely include a bit more time in Paris, unless we spend too much time in London & Ireland again :) Anyway, as detailed in the trip journal, we had some problems getting to the park thanks to Stena Ferries. Our first day was rather "fuzzy" due to lack of sleep, but the rest was pretty fun. Yes I took too many pictures... sue me. :) See the trip journal and the individual pics for more details/opinions/lies.
For WDW info check out Disney World - the Online Guide Information on parks, resorts, and restaurants.

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9estar.jpg 9.90k
Fast Choo-Choo
9ent_dp.jpg 11.25k
Finally Made It!
9p_hotel.jpg 11.13k
Pink, very pink.

9dpmap.jpg 13.20k
DP Guide Map
9castdp.jpg 8.86k
Typical, now I gotta go Reshoot.
9p_dpcast.jpg 9.47k
Another view of scaffolding

9p_bigt.jpg 9.22k
Tom Sawyer's Big Thunder Island
9pmanrdp.jpg 9.82k
Is Mrs. Bates Home?
9batdp.jpg 10.40k
Changing of the Guard.

9death.jpg 10.84k
Cheated again
9p_ad1.jpg 11.52k
This looks different...
9p_ad2.jpg 10.11k
Seen from the Hub.

9p_hook.jpg 9.11k
Nice to see her again!
9p_pirat.jpg 8.60k
Trust me, It's Pirates
9blul_dp.jpg 11.13k
Got a Waterside Table!

9p_tea.jpg 9.06k
Everything's covered here.
9p_naut.jpg 9.54k
Ramming Speed!!! Oh wait, it's docked.
9p_vil.jpg 9.81k
Oh boy a mall.

9p_dporb.jpg 9.15k
Industrial-Age Dumbo
9p_indy.jpg 8.00k
Just a Roller Coaster...
9p_disc.jpg 10.20k Discoveryland

9p_smtn.jpg 10.74k
This kicks ass

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