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Beside the Kitchen and the Roof, one of the weaker features of the house when we first moved in was the bathroom. Horrible pink CARPET and a sloppy tile job pushed this room to the top of our redo list. We began destruction in December of 1993 and completed re-construction about mid-January 1994. Kel learned to tile on this project as well as getting some real valuable experience with plumbing, both skills she would later utilize as a Master when we did the kitchen.

Unfortunately for the website, the bathroom was a very difficult thing to document on film. I had access to a video camera and if you drop by the house you can see the construction from start to finish, but no stills were taken. Video grabbing is still not as good as scanning a photo so many of the below pictures are well... lame, but they give you an idea of what we did.

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9oldtil1.jpg 4.10k
We sneezed and look what happened!
9pwrtlk.jpg 4.00k
Cutting A New Hole.
9phtolen.jpg 3.57k
How Self-Reflexive....

9keldirt.jpg 3.54k
Kinda Dirty eh..
9brkwin1.jpg 2.74k
A New Window!
9brkwin2.jpg 3.92k
Now From The Outside

9bathrm1_112000.jpg 10.92k
Finally some real pictures
9bathrm2_112000.jpg 9.94k
Me again
9img_1253.jpg 30.86k
Kel did you?

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Oooooo there's a 9 Photo Slideshow!

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