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In the so-called spring of 1998 we built a deck in our backyard. We had to battle unseasonably wet weather throughout the project which really slowed things down. If it had stayed dry, I believe we could have finished the whole thing in about 3 weeks. As it was it ended up taking about 8 from the time I dug the first foundation hole to when I made the final curved cut in the back. Hell we're still adding stuff to it as I write this (and it just happens to be raining AGAIN as well [May 27th, 1998] ).

We plan on enjoying it immensely once we get the chance.

Oh yeah, side note: Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I used a disposable camera that had been sitting on my dresser for about 2 years... it was a no-name brand to boot. You should see the original prints! I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!

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9deck1.jpg 6.64k
Piers have been poured
9deck2.jpg 7.66k
Trying to keep the lumber dry
9deck3.jpg 7.52k
1st Beam in place

9deck4.jpg 8.47k
3 Beams and some joists.
9deck5.jpg 8.29k
All the joists in and fitting decking
9deck6.jpg 8.33k
Beginning the stairs

9deck7.jpg 8.58k
Same as the last but diff POV.
9deck8.jpg 8.93k
Lower section almost done.
9deck9.jpg 7.95k
Lower section almost done again.

9deck10.jpg 6.82k
Step lights are in and more decking in place.
9deck11.jpg 7.96k
Same as before, diff POV
9deck12.jpg 7.31k
As seen from the patio.

9deck13.jpg 8.68k
Kel & Andrew plugging away.
9deck15.jpg 8.06k
Andrew screwing it down.
9deck14.jpg 7.70k
More fastening.

9deck16.jpg 8.86k
Parts are ready to relax on!
9deck17.jpg 8.50k
As seen from the other end of the Yard.
9deck18.jpg 6.05k
All done, with Furniture

9deck19.jpg 7.72k
Plants in place.

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Oooooo there's a 19 Photo Slideshow!

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