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From 1993 through October 2001 this room was our Computer Room or 'Office". When Kel began her 3rd week at home all day after Wind River axed FreeBSD she began thinking about inexpensive house projects to do in "our" spare time. Can't get much cheaper than moving furniture around!

We decided to turn our Master Bedroom (Room 1) into a Playroom, a combo of a Computer Room and TV Room. We would move everything from Room 2 into Room 1 then move the Entertainment Center and my chair from the Den (Room 3) in as well. We moved most of our bedroom stuff from Room 1 to this room (Room 2) which would now be our master bedroom. Whew!

Besides an aching back, it's worked out great so far. I did have to change my online floorplan a little.. numbering the 3 "bedrooms" rather than naming them...

The first 2 pics in the slideshow are of the room when it was an office. The rest are of the new Bedroom incarnation.

As of this writing (Nov 5th 2001) only the bedroom is complete. We have one more weekend's worth of work to finish up (fingers-crossed).

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9office1_112000.jpg 12.22k
Where I'm typing this right now.
9office2_112000.jpg 12.73k
The Rack
9img_1273.jpg 3.53k
New Bedroom!

9img_1274.jpg 3.96k
Right side of Bedroom.
9img_1277.jpg 4.59k
Stuffed Critters
9img_1279.jpg 1.80k
Whoa it's a convertible!

9img_1280.jpg 1.67k
Partial Cloudiness
9img_1281.jpg 4.40k
More New Bedroom
9img_1282.jpg 4.19k
More New Bedroom

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Oooooo there's a 9 Photo Slideshow!

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